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We don’t make cast nets. We make cast nets BETTER!

Here at ProKast, we are in the business of making your fishing trip enjoyable and productive not frustrating and futile. We offer these cast net sites as a service to our valued customers. These are the cast net companies that we are currently aware of and that might provide you with a starting point for finding a cast net to fulfill your needs. Please e-mail us and let us know of other cast net companies that we should add to our list.(We will only list manufacturers, not wholesalers or retailers)

We do not, nor will not suggest any net over another. That decision is totally yours. Please keep in mind, that quality nets throw better than “ cheap” nets, and you WILL be able to throw it with a Perfect Circle Net Thrower!!!

The list is presented in no particular order or of personal preference. Surf the list and find out where your budget and your successful results meet.

Before you buy a new net, we recommend that you visit our “Questions and Answers“ page for more net information.

Where can I buy a net?

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