Customer Comments

We think that the Perfect Circle Net Thrower is one of the most amazing and useful additions to your fishing gear that you’ll ever find. But, we admit it … we’re a little biased. So, why just take our word for it? Here’s just a sampling of comments from our satisfied customers …

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower makes throwing my cast net so much fun (and clean, and easy) that I often catch bait for my friends too.

John Eric

Houston, Tx

This is the darnedest thing I’ve ever seen! After my wife and I attached it to my existing six foot net, we went to the back yard to practice. My first throw was literally a “perfect circle”.


Austin, Tx

I’ve tried, and been disappointed, with the ring that is on the market. I cut that stupid ring off my 5 foot net and put your Perfect Circle Net Thrower on the same net. The improvement was UNBELIEVABLE! My only regret was that I put the Perfect circle on a 5 foot net. When I wear this net out, my next net is going to be a seven or eight footer (with a PCNT).


Lantana, Fl

My friend bought a Perfect Circle a few weeks ago, and I helped him snap it on his net. He took me fishing last weekend, and we caught more BAIT and more FISH than I have ever done in my entire life!! A Perfect Circle Net Thrower is DEFFINATELY going to be on my list to “Santa” this year!!!


Dallas, Tx

I have tried just about every cast net throwing method on the market. On my very best day, I “might” throw a reasonably good circle once out of about five throws. Unfortunately, my best throws usually aren’t over bait. With the PCNT on my net, I am not only throwing perfect circles, but I can quickly change direction and “lead” moving schools of mullet.


Myrtle Beach, Sc

Many of the current cast net throwing techniques require you to hold the lead line in your mouth. I am a little apprehensive about even WADING in some of the back bayous much less SUCKING on a muddy rope. The Perfect Circle Net Thrower allows me to throw even better than I did before, PLUS I don’t have to put rope in my mouth.


Galveston, Tx

When the White Bass are running in the spring time, I turn on a light at the end of our dock. The shad come under the lights and with one throw of our seven foot net (with a Perfect Circle Net Thrower) my family and I have enough shad for an entire evening of fishing. PS- I’m only 5 foot 4…


Buchanan, Tx

I usually take my boat out by myself early in the morning and patrol the shoreline for bait using my trolling motor. Before I bought a Perfect Circle Net Thrower, I would be exhausted from holding the weights off of the deck while trying to operate the trolling motor. The PCNT allows me to have my net “at the ready” but all of the weights still sitting on the deck. I don’t have to lift any weights until I see bait, and I can have the net ready to throw in less that two seconds. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you…


Pensacola, Fl

There is only one thing worse than going out fishing on a chilly spring or fall morning without bait……. It’s having to throw a wet net over your shoulder to get bait, and then being cold, wet, and shivery for half of the day. Your PCNT has solved TWO problems. I am throwing better than I ever have, and I’m staying clean and dry.


Mobile, Al

Besides being so damn easy to throw (perfect circles), I really appreciate the way that it spreads my net open and shakes the bait out without regilling. Catching bait is OK, but catching LIVE bait is better.


Tampa, Fl

I got one of your Perfect Circle throwers over a month ago, and I use it several times a week. This is such a neat device. My only regret is that I wasn’t the one to invent it.


Brownsville, Tx

In mid summer, there are “ribbons” of small mullet running behind the second or third sand bar along the beach. Your PCNT allows me to wade out into water (and waves) over waist deep and still throw perfect circles using my seven foot net. All of my fishing buddies are totally amazed. (They also greatly appreciate me sharing my catch with them)

J. Randy

Port Aransas, Tx

I lost my legs to a land mine in Vietnam and I’ve never been able to throw a cast net using conventional methods because it involves spinning in circles. I was fishing off our community dock last week and saw someone throwing a six foot net with your Perfect Circle Net Thrower attached. He let me try it and I couldn’t believe how well it worked!! Even from my wheelchair, my first throw with this six foot net was a perfect circle. I don’t have to buy bait anymore. I can catch it myself!

Also, I like your “Made in USA” flag and the “Damn proud of it!” saying underneath. Keep up the good work and keep jobs in America. Semper Fi.

Sergeant Bob