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The Perfect Circle Net Thrower

In the never-ending struggle between man and fish, ProKast has added the latest innovation to the well-equipped fisherman’s arsenal;

This unique, patented device quickly, easily, and permanently attaches to any 5 – 8 foot radius cast net. Once installed, it will allow the weekend sportsman to throw perfect circles every time.

Get bait, not exercise!

Unlike conventional throwing methods or rings that require swinging the net like a Hammer thrower, The Perfect Circle Net Thrower pre-aligns the lead line into a circle and untangles twisted brail lines. The net is then thrown literally like a Frisbee ®. Most of our customers throw a perfect circle on their very first cast.

Stay dry and clean

No more bending or dirty nets in your mouth. Its so easy to throw that 7 and 8 ft nets can be thrown in chest deep water, or sitting in a kayak or canoe. The Perfect Circle Net Thrower comes with complete assembly and throwing instructions and a convenient storage bag. Keep checking back here, we’re always developing new and innovative products that no fisherman will want to be without!