Over FOUR TIMES more effective than conventional methods or other add-on devices

Over three years in development, the Perfect Circle Net Thrower is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" products that only comes around  once in a Blue Moon. After watching this patented device in action, you'll immediately see that it is an essential part of any fisherman's gear.

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower quickly and easily snaps on to any cast net in less than fifteen minutes. Once installed, it will practically guarantee that each and every throw will be a perfect and full circle.

Unlike conventional throwing methods, or devices that attempt to open cast nets by swinging the net like a Track and Field Hammer thrower, the Perfect Circle Net Thrower pre-aligns the lead line into a circle, and allows the net to be thrown literally like a Frisbee®. It's really that easy!

For novices or experienced fishermen, this simple, yet innovative, device can accomplish things with a cast net that until now have been impossible.

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower ...

  • Is simple to learn and use
  • Easily attaches to any 5 - 8 foot net
  • Guarantees no tangled nets or lines
  • Allows accurate targeting of moving bait
  • Keeps you clean and dry
  • Requires no bending or stooping
  • Can throw larger nets in water over waist deep
  • Allows large-net throws even from small boats
  • Throws a perfect circle every time!!!

That's not all! Once the net is retrieved, the device spreads your net open, allowing for the quick and easy removal of bait and trash.

Bigger nets? No problem!

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower has been optimized for 6, 7, and 8 foot radius nets. Prior to this exciting invention, effectively throwing nets of this size was beyond the capability of the average weekend fishermen.

Not anymore!

Never again will you have to resort to using ineffective 3, 4, and 5 foot nets because of your inability to handle the larger more effective nets.

With The Perfect Circle Net Thrower, the novice can throw a cast net better and more consistently than the veterans!

It's so effective that it's quickly becoming a must-have item for many fishing guides. These guys understand the importance of getting bait fast, and getting their customers back on the water.

So, if you would rather spend your time fishing instead of pestering bait with a smaller, unopened net, then the Perfect Circle Cast Net Thrower is just what you need.

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower is just too cool an idea to keep it a secret. So share it with your friends here. They'll be glad you did!
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